At home, you’ll find me under big fluffy blankets with a fair few candles burning most evenings. I like to be cosy, and I like to create a cosy atmosphere. I like to pride my instagram on being a cosy and warm space – if that’s even a thing? I create that cosy atmosphere by doing a few different things and I thought I’d pop them all in a post to help you feel that cosy feeling whenever you need to relax and wind down.

Blankets, a lot of them.

I have at least 3 blankets on my sofa at any one time – that might seem excessive to you, but it’s a hell of a lot cheaper than whacking the heating up to max! Dunelm do amazing teddy bear blankets – mines the White one, and it’s the cosiest blanket you’ll ever get. I’m pretty sure mine is the larger size and it’s the perfect size for snuggling down and feeling all warm and fuzzy (like a teddy bear). They also have the same texture in cushions, dressing gowns, rugs and loads more – think about how cosy that would be!

cosy atmosphere

Candles, again, the more the better

The lovely people at Gemporia kindly sent me two of their Christmas candles* over the Christmas break and oh wow, they smell like winter, and what’s more cosy than winter?!  There’s 6 carats of genuine gemstones in each candle, which makes them the perfect special gift for your candle loving friend or family member. Mulled Wine and Winter Spruce are the scents for the Garnet and Emerald adorned candles and I’ll be burning these for all of the Winter season to help give my house that cosy feeling. They also come in the most beautiful boxes.. I’m trying to think of another for when the candles have gone!

cosy atmosphere

cosy atmosphere

Turn the lights down

I just replaced my ‘big light’ bulb in my living room with a daylight bulb, which is great when I need the extra light (like on those gloomy mornings), but it’s way too bright for when I want to snuggle down on an evening. I like to use lamps facing away from me (almost facing the wall so that they give a nice warm glow). I do sit in the dark a lot of time too, with a few candles burning providing some little touches of light so I don’t fall over the cat…

Grab a book

This obviously isn’t compulsory (well… none of this is..), but flicking through a book while I relax on the sofa does help me to feel cosy and content. I’m slowly creating a Interior Styling book collection for my coffee table, so I just grab one of those and lust over the beautiful homes while wrapped up in my blanket. I also practice my calligraphy as another way to relax and wind down, I find it weirdly soothing even though I’m not that good at it! But hey, practice makes perfect, right?!

cosy atmosphere

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29 January 2018



  1. Reply

    Elena Isabelle

    22 January 2018

    blankets and candles just make everything so much cosier. I love it.

    • Reply


      23 January 2018

      I’m never without a blanket in my house! x

  2. Reply


    21 January 2018

    I really like the Dunelm teddy bear range, I used to have a pillow from them that I cuddled up to constantly.

    Mel ✨

    • Reply


      22 January 2018

      I have loads of cushions and desperately need the fitted sheet – that’d be amazing! x