Creating a bathroom gallery wall

In collaboration with Dear Sam

Creating a bathroom gallery wall can be quite tricky… how many prints do you use? …how much and which colours do you bring in? …what size prints and combinations do you use to create the layout? So many things to consider! I’ve been a bit stuck with all of this since I redecorated my bathroom earlier on in the year, I didn’t want to commit to something I wouldn’t be happy with as I HATE filling holes!

That’s where Dear Sam came in. Their website is a really great source of inspiration when it comes to pairing prints, creating layouts and just generally getting those creative juices flowing. I knew I wanted to add some colour into the space but didn’t want to go too crazy… I am all about those muted neutral tones after all!

Bathroom gallery walls aren’t hugely documented anywhere so it can be hard to get the right kind of print that isn’t too obvious or creates the wrong kind of vibe.

I started by looking at the Gallery Wall section on the Dear Sam website to get some initial inspiration. There’s so many different styles, colours and themes to look through, it was hard to narrow it down! I’m a big lover of Matisse and so found this gallery wall particularly inspiring.

Dear Sam

I love the mix of neutral and blue tones – they compliment eachother perfectly and create a really calming mood.

I also really loved this gallery wall and found the tones and textures really inspiring…

Dear Sam

I then started looking further into the Matisse collection and came across this stunning print, which then became the start of my bathroom gallery wall…

Dear Sam

Bathroom gallery wall reveal

So, ready to see my bathroom gallery wall?

bathroom gallery wall

I really love seeing the reflection in the vanity mirror as I walk into the room. The orange gives a great but not overbearing pop of colour, which ties into the other warm tones in the room. It also contrasts really nicely with the teal coloured door.

bathroom gallery wall
bathroom gallery wall

The prints I chose are all 50cm x 70cm and are in the black metal frames.

Left. Middle. Right.

Dear Sam have a great range of prints in every different style and theme you can imagine – there really is something for everyone!

The frames are really great quality, much better than others I’ve tried over the years. Everything was packaged really well and the whole process was really easy.

So….feeling inspired? You can use the code ‘ZOE‘ for 35% off all posters valid until the 30th September 2021.

13 August 2021
19 October 2021