Chocolate and Love review

When a cheeky tweet gets you free chocolate…

My blogging dreams came true last weekend when I received this amazing selection of the Organic Chocolate and Love bars* through my letterbox. Not only is the packaging ridiculously beautiful, the stuff inside takes like heaven. Anyone that knows me, knows that I physically couldn’t live without chocolate, It’s in my DNA… I NEED it in my life.

chocolate and love review

This is the tweet that made it all happen. I was having a hump day craving (I do every single day, but yeah…) and decided to cheekily post a ‘#prrequest’ tweet. And because you’ve seen the title of this post, you know it worked! An email landed in my inbox within minutes offering me the chance to try out this luxury fairtrade, organic chocolate, and of course, I said yes! You might have already seen some photos on my instagram, cause I couldn’t help but share how beautiful the packaging is. I was sent Panama, Mint, Coffee, Sea Salt & Caramel & Creamy Dark. I’ve already devoured two of these… can you guess which ones?

Each bar is beautifully packaged, they’re reduced sugar, gluten free, soya free and 5 of the flavours are dairy free – sounds like healthy chocolate to me! Every bar has over 50% Cocoa, so it all tastes really rich and full of that lovely chocoaltely flavour. The packaging is a handpainted design by an artist in New York to help capture the organic nature and essence of each chocolate bar. Being a graphic designer, I definitely appreciate beautiful, well thought out packaging and this definitely ticks all of my boxes! On the inside of the outer packaging, it explains the whole process, giving you an insight into the journey of all the ingredients, which I actually think is really interesting.

There’s a list of where you can buy the bars here, I definitely recommend you try them out!





26th February 2017