Last week, along with some amazingly talented northern bloggers, we got together to celebrate The Girl With The Green Sofa aka Nicola Broughton (you’ve probably come across her amazing instagram account before) and her Ambassador role with Redbrick Mill and to continue celebrating the North and all that it has to offer!

For those not from the North, Redbrick Mill is the perfect place to go for interior inspiration, homeware shopping, delicious food and to spend a lot of money… It’s literally down the road from where I work so I’ve been a fair few times (most of which I’ve had to hide my purse so I didn’t spend every single penny I have) – if you haven’t been before, I honestly couldn’t recommend it enough. They have exclusive ranges and showrooms for amazing brands like Made, ID Design (my new fave… there’ll be some photos further down), Bo Concept, Heals and many many more.

When you first walk into Redbrick Mill, you’ll be greeted with an exact replica of Nicola’s famous living room – featuring THAT green sofa (from Made) and the amazing leather chair (from Bo Concept). There’s also a little poster with more information about their collaboration and showing off some of Nicola’s picks from the store.

As I said before, they’re one of the only showrooms for Made products in the UK, and let me tell you now, it’s a HUGE space and it’s full of the most beautiful furniture and soft furnishings you’ll ever see. I took some photos of my favourite room sets and will try to link the pieces (if I can find them!).

Berko Leather Sofa below

Edwin bed below

Remember earlier when I mentioned ID Design? Well, I thought I’d share some photos of the most beautiful room set that I’ve ever, ever seen. The giant floral wallpaper, the mirror placement, the parquet flooring, the layers and layers of cushions… I mean… it’s just the absolute dream isn’t it?!

Bo Concept is also another of my favourites from Redbrick. It’s full of stylish, elegant pieces, that when put together, make absolute #interiorgoals.

They also now stock Abigail Ahern faux flowers and they are so so beautiful in real life, I think I’ll definitely be going back to attempt to make myself a faux bouquet.

Along with showing us all around the amazing brands at Redbrick, we were also treated to a tasting meal from Filmore & Union, somewhere I’ve always thought might be too fancy for me, but having now tasted their food, I can definitely say I was wrong! It’s another place I’ll definitely be going back to (they have a few different locations across the North – Ilkley, Leeds, York & a few more if you fancy giving it a go!)

I want to say a HUGE thank you to Nicola and the team at Redbrick and their concessions (they were incredibly generous in their goodie bags!) and I came away feeling so inspired and in love with the interiors community and of course, the North!


*This post contains affiliate links – if you buy from the links I’ve provided, I’ll make a small commission – you won’t pay any more!

8th August 2018