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  • Christmas DIY Ideas

    8th November 2016
    christmas diy ideas

    You only have to type the word ‘Christmas’ into Pinterest to find millions(?) of DIY style images. Showing you ‘How to make… a wreath,…

  • Apps I’m Loving

    23rd October 2016

    If it was down to me (and not the ridiculousness that is I Phone storage), my phone would be jam packed with apps. They…

  • Why I Love/ Hate Autumn

    13th October 2016
    why i love/ hate autumn

    The 5 reasons Why I Love/ Hate Autumn and the daily ‘first world problems’ we encounter in the Autumn season. I’m a complainer by…

  • Why I Live Alone

    25th September 2016
    why i live alone

    A lot of people seem surprised when I tell them I choose to live alone. I’ve lived with my family, 3 sets of people…

  • Favourites: Films & Songs

    2nd August 2016

    I thought I’d continue my Favourites series with a combined list of Films & Songs, things I watch and listen to a lot to the point where…

  • Cat Mother

    26th July 2016

    If you’re familiar with my blog, you’ll know I got myself a furry little friend as soon as I moved into my house. I’ve…

  • Favourites: Food

    17th July 2016

    Anyone who knows me, can probably guess quite a few of these. I’m a foodie (in the sense that I like food, not that…

  • Holiday Bucket List

    6th July 2016

    It’s July, you only have to log in to any social media account for approximately 3.6 seconds to see holiday snaps from around the globe….

  • Becoming A Homeowner

    4th July 2016

    On the 11th of December 2015, I officially became a home owner. I’d been saving for years, putting whatever was left at the end…