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  • appsimloving

    Apps I’m Loving

    If it was down to me (and not the ridiculousness that is I Phone storage), my phone would be jam packed with apps. They make life easier, more organised and add a little bit…

    23rd October 2016
  • autumn nails

    Autumn Nails

    I’m a beauty hoarder, always have been, always will be. I don’t need every nail varnish colour and formula under the sun but that didn’t stop me from adding to my collection when i…

    16th October 2016
  • oils of life

    Oils of Life

    Everyone knows that The Body Shop are the kings of high street skin care, so when I received this *trio of goodies, I couldn’t wait to try them out. It’s all basically to celebrate…

    2nd October 2016

    LVL Lashes – Before & After

    Now if you’ve read some of my recent posts (Let’s Talk Lashes – I’ll wait while you’ve caught up..,) you’ll know all about my eyelash journey. You might not even care, but this kind…

    14th September 2016
  • YSL Mon Paris

    YSL Mon Paris

    Taste in scent is such a personal thing, what you might absolutely love, someone else might absolutely hate. I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t a teensy bit sceptical when I received this…

    11th September 2016
  • lashes

    Let’s Talk Lashes

    If you’re a regular reader, you’ll know I recently had my eyelash extensions taken off after 2 years and it was definitely something that I was petrified to do. ‘Petrified’ might sound a little…

    7th September 2016

    A few of my FAVOURITE things

    It’s known to most, that I looove me a good list. I’ll write lists just so I can tick things off that I’ve already done – surely I can’t be the only one? My…

    14th August 2016

    Hemp Hand Protector – LIMITED-EDITION

    If you’ve ever been to The Body Shop, you’ll have seen their Hemp Hand Protector. It’s one of their most popular products, you’ll see it in every Body Shop store, and you probably know…

    10th August 2016