My name is Zoe, and I’m addicted to candles. You might have seen in a few of my other posts, that my obsession with candles knows no bounds.. I’m constantly buying them. I can’t go in a homeware shop without throwing one… or two into my basket. I’m an addict. Say hello to these bolsius candles* – the newest additions to my ever-growing candle family.

I very rarely use the ‘big light’ in Autumn Winter, instead I pop the oven extractor light on (v glam, I know) and light a few candles – I’m all about that cosy ambience.. They’re the perfect company for slouching on the sofa with a blanket wrapped around you. We all know my favourite scent is Fig, so I was intrigued and excited to get my nose stuck into some lovely new ones – thank you to the lovely people at Bolsius.

bolsius candles

bolsius candlesI’ve got the Celebration, Autumn Walk, Frosted Garden and Home Comfort scents. The first two are 3 wick candles, lovely and big and really do carry themselves around the room, even when they’re not lit. The Frosted Garden is a e single wick candle and the Home Comfort is a reed diffuser, again, really strongly scented – the sign of a good quality candle!

bolsius candlesI love the scent of the Celebration one, it’s quite fruity but musky at the same time – my go-to candle smell. The Autumn Walk scent is a bit too floral for my taste, but would be a perfect gift to someone who liked those flowery smells. The Frosted Garden one is a really lovely smell too, usually not something I’d gravitate towards, but it’s definitely a grower! Home Comforts is a pretty accurate name for the reed diffusers scent, it’s really musky and cosy (if a smell can be cosy) – perfect for those blanket filled evenings!

bolsius candlesOne thing I would say about the 3-wicks is; they don’t burn 100% evenly around the wicks, which might not be a problem for you, but the perfectionist in me likes an even burn!


They’re available to buy on amazon but I’ve seen them in a few interior/homeware/ garden centre type shops if you’d rather have a sniff for yourself first!

*These bolsius candles were sent free for review.

20th September 2017
2nd October 2017