All black with a hint of Rose Gold

Black, just like my soul.

If you follow me on Twitter/ Instagram, you’ll know I’m not going out this New Years Eve, I find it really anti-climatic, over-hyped and generally, just a huge waste of money. That doesn’t mean I can’t plan outfits for my hypothetical night out though, all while testing out my beautiful new camera (more on this in another post!).

My go-to outfit is always all black, it’s flattering, simple and makes me feel a bit slinkier than usual. When I *received this beeeeautiful metallic rose gold bag from KOKO COUTURE, I knew instantly, that it would be beyond perfect with an all black outfit.

I grabbed my tripod and my sparkly new camera (you can use an app on your phone to turn it into a remote – blows my mind) and tried on a couple of all black outfits.

The first outfit I tried it with was this ASOS body and my favourite ASOS Sculpt Me Jeans.

Please ignore the random socks on the floor, Nala likes to steal them and they end up all around the house.

The next outfit I tried the beautiful metallic bag with was this bardot, cinched waist black dress, you can see more of this Boohoo dress in this post, I love it so much, and if I was going out for NYE, then this would probably be my #1 choice.

metallic bag

This is actually a really versatile metallic bag, you can hold it like a clutch, slipping your hand through the chained loop for extra grip, or with the longer strap, over your shoulder/ across your body which neatly tucks inside for when you don’t need it. It’s a great high street take on the Stella McCartney bags, but for literally a fraction of the cost. This baby will only set you back TWELVE POUNDS, yes you read correctly, £12, what are you waiting for?! It’s also available in a few other colours, all perfect for accessorising any outfit.

metallic bag