The last proper room of the house to renovate, and probably the trickiest to plan. We’ve had quite a few months break from the renovation due to my Dad being busy with actual paid work (annoying right?!) so I’ve had a lot longer than we expected to plan the bathroom, and I keep changing my kind, so I’m putting this plan out there to give myself some accountability and actual make a decision.

So this is the bathroom renovation plan:

bathroom renovation

The wall colour is a colour-match of Pleat by Little Greene, but with half as much colour added to the mix, so it’s a lighter shade – sounds complicated, but it lifted it up enough to show the beautiful tone in the colour. I made the decision on colour quite a while ago and I was going to paint the whole wall (no tiles) but then when it came to deciding on what kind of splashback to go above the sink, I realised I didn’t like the look of ‘stuck on’ tiles and wanted something more substantial. I’ll be getting it from a local paint shop (Turner & Wood in Yeadon if you’re local) as their paint is always amazing quality and we used their colour-match service for the Mizzle (F&B) in my living room.  

As I mentioned above, I’ve decided to tile the bottom half of the room and in the shower with a lovely grey, marble effect tile – I’ve fallen in love with this one from Walls & Floors so I’ve used it in my mockup to show how the whole look will come together. It’s around £18 per square metre, and we need 10, so I’m just trying to find a slightly more purse-friendly version, but to be fair, I don’t think that’s a bad price for such a good quality tile.

Flooring-wise, I had initially wanted to go with a grey stone effect LVT tile (when I was going to paint all of the walls), but have changed my mind and have decided to go for a light oak effect laminate – I’ve used this one in my mockup, but the sample has yet to arrive so this might change!

bathroom renovation

The vanity unit is from Victoria Plum and is currently on sale, so please don’t all go buy it before I get the chance! It’s got loads of storage space and the light oak effect middle section, I’m hoping, will tie in really well the with flooring. I’m looking for black taps, for both the basin and bath at the moment, but they’re all pretty pricey so I’m still yet to settle on them.

Above the tiles, we’re (when I say ‘we’re’ I mean my Dad) going to add in a wooden shelf, running from the edge of the shower, to the wall next to the window. I’m hoping to rest a black framed mirror above the vanity and some trinkety bits above the bath and it’ll bring in the natural texture of the wood again.

I’ve already bought this shower from Soak, and am looking to get a black framed quandrant shower to replace the rusty chrome one I already have. The one I’ve used on the mockup is this one, again from Soak but I’m trying to find one that’s a bit more affordable because I’ll have to get a new shower tray, and they can be £100+ and I’m just trying to keep the costs down as much as possible.

I’ve bought a bath to replace the freestanding one that came with the house (sold on ebay for a whopping £77 – very pleased with that!) and will just be getting a super cheap toilet – that’s not something I want to spend anymore money on than I have to!

So yeah… what do you think of the bathroom renovation plan?!

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