Apps I’m Loving

If it was down to me (and not the ridiculousness that is I Phone storage), my phone would be jam packed with apps. They make life easier, more organised and add a little bit of fun to your day. When I wake up on a morning, the first thing I do is check my phone, if I don’t scroll through my favourite apps, I don’t feel like I’ve started my day properly.


Snapchat – Possibly my all time favourite. The filters are either amazing or the most bizarre thing in life (WHERE HAS THE BUTTERFLY FILTER GONE?!) and are the perfect way to entertain myself when I get a liiiittle bored, or not even bored at all. It’s the quickest way to send a video/photo of either myself, my cat, or something super random to my nearest and dearest. Don’t get me wrong, I can abuse it like the rest of them when i’m in that sort of mood, but I love it, and I hope it stays around for a long time.

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Twitter – With blogging becoming a part of my life relatively recently, my Twitter usage has dramatically increased over the last few months. It’s the quickest and easiest way to either share my latest posts, keep up to date with my own favourite bloggers, or learn the latest from my favourite brands, all with the tap of a button. I also find it the easiest way to speak to big brands, you can use their contact forms for weeks and get no response, but as soon as you hit ‘send’ on your tweet, you’ve got a member of their social media wanting to know more and wanting to help fix whatever issue you’re having – definitely my ‘go to’ for complaints!

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Treatwell – You might not be familiar with Treatwell, but it’s the best app for booking your beauty treatments. The app uses your location to give you a huuuge list of different offers (over 10,000 salons across the UK) and helps you find ones that are specifically in your area, making the whole process super easy and quick. If you need an appointment at a certain time and don’t have a preference about where you go, you can filter by date, time, distance away, price and rating (the rating bit is really useful, especially for someone like me who has moved to a different area and doesn’t know what’s good).

You can download the app here  and you can save £7 when you spend £25 on your first booking with the code ZOBLOG16 – perfect!   The code also works on the website, which you can visit here. I’d definitely recommend if you’re into your beauty treatments and want a quicker, easier way of organising your appointments.

apps im loving


Mallzee – It’s basically Tinder for clothes… You set your preferences, and swipe right if you love it, and left if you’re not so keen. The ones you like are moved into your ‘saved’ list and you can view them all there at your leisure, keep an eye out for any reductions and purchase straight from the app. There’s soooo many brands, my faves are Zara, New Look, Missguided and Aldo – the fact that you can shop them all from within the same app makes life so much easier and saves me from the thousands of tabs open in my safari app.

You can download the app here and If you fancy trying it out, you can get £5 FREE off you first order with the code ZOEE4PS – who doesn’t want free money?!

Instagram – Now this is a love/ hate type of thing. I know likes aren’t everything, but when you’ve spent ages taking or editing a photo and it gets 6 likes, you feel slightly deflated. I love being able to see my favourite celebrities / bloggers / brands photos with a simple scroll of my thumb. I love seeing how much effort people put into getting the perfect photo, and how easy it is to quickly comment on a photo and let them know what you think. One of the ‘hate’ bits is all the spam comments, It’s getting harder to realise which are fake and which are genuine comments, and i don’t want to look like a huge bitch by not replying! How does everyone else deal with this??

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These are my current top faves, what are yours?





19th October 2016
30th October 2016