When I have money, I never see anything I want to buy, but when I don’t (like now), I want to buy EVERYTHING – I can’t be the only one? With Christmas fast approaching and my pay cheque slowly (quickly) dwindling, there are so many shops I want to buy everything from. It kills the shopaholic inside me that I can’t go and buy everything I want, but I can share a few of the things I can’t stop thinking about with you, the internet.

Anthropologie – I went into the Leeds store last week and had to hide my credit card. I wanted to buy EVERYTHING. Like, literally, EVERYTHING. All the mugs, cushions, jewellery, stationery, candles… you name it, I wanted it. The visual merchandising is so beautiful, they know how to make you want every little thing in your life. I’ve never actually bought anything from there, but that doesn’t mean I haven’t had to physically restrain myself from walking to the till with arm-fulls of stuff. Click the underlined titles to shop the whole range – the photos show a few of my absolute favourites. Happy shopping!

Cushions & Throws – The most beautifully crafted things you will ever see.


Mugs – Everyone wants an Anthropologie mug don’t they? Yes, they’re slightly on the pricey side, but I want them all – if only I had more cupboard space!


Coasters – Everyone has them, everyone needs them – they are so bloody beautiful!


Glassware -Again, I wish I had more cupboard space (and money) to buy all of the Glassware in Anthropologie…


Candles – You all know I’m obsessed with candles, and these Anthropologie ones fuel the addiction.

6th November 2017
14th November 2017