You’ll have seen from my instagram that I’m adding more and more natural texture into my home. Whether that’s woven baskets, wooden accents or natural textiles, it’s slowly creeping into my interior style and I love everything about it.

The lovely people at Artisans + Adventurers kindly sent me this beautiful hand woven basket, and just look at how perfect it is for my love of natural textures! Storage is always welcome in my house and when they look this cute, I’d happily roll out the red carpet for its arrival! I decided to use it for my ever-growing bedside table nighttime skincare collection and it’s the perfect. The quality is great, it feels really sturdy and well made and the shape means that all of my bottles stand up properly and are easy to grab whenever I need them. I had a copper wire basket there before, but because the sides were slightly slanted, it meant that everything merged into one as they all fell over. I much prefer the natural look too, it ties in really well with my bedding, which itself, has quite a natural feel to it.

all natural

Artisans + Adventurers were a new brand for me, and I’m really impressed with their amazing range of baskets and homeware – check out their beautiful cushions and throws here. They have stores in East London and Margate, but unfortunately none up North, so I’ll have to stick to online until I next venture down South. I always like to know a bit about where my things come from, and I loved this quote on their website:

‘We strive to source products which bring as much joy to their creator as they do to the end customer’.

all naturalall natural

The black matches my beautiful Aldi table lamp (which everyone absolutely loves, as do I!) and the marble of the base, brings in even more of a natural feel to the space.

all naturalall naturalall natural

11 February 2018
23 March 2018