You’ll probably already be aware that metallic is such a huge trend, whether it’s in your ears, or on your walls, the shinier the better, just get on that trend. I’ve spoken about adding gold/ brass/ copper handles to your kitchen cupboards in this post, and it’s something I wanted to delve deeper into, and with the help of Pinterest (obvs), find some other ways to add metallic to your home. There are some really easy ways to spruce up your existing decor with some little metallic touches, or there are some more time and cost heavy options – just do you!

Customise your Coffee Table

The photo below shows a coffee table, and it might surprise you that this is actually a IKEA DIY project and not an Oliver Bonas/ West Elm number. I actually have this coffee table in it’s original white colour, but I’m so tempted to spray it metallic – it just looks so much more expensive and classy, doesn’t it? You can also add in some more metallic accents to compliment or contrast with what’s going on.

metallics to your home


Add a Feature Light

Something you might not think of – I’ve completely overlooked all of the light fittings in my own house, so it’s something I’m interested in investing in a bit more in my next house. In the setup below, it is definitely the focus of the room – how could it not be? It’s beautiful, it’s classy and it’s metallic – winner. In my living room I have a white version of this IKEA NYMÖ shade, with copper on the inside, so I do have a bit of metallic in there, but it’s not so much of a feature. 

metallic to your home


Stay away from the standard Chrome

Yes, Chrome will be cheaper, but adding those metallic (Gold/ Brass/ Copper) fixtures have so much more of a ‘wow factor’. Whether it’s your shower, bathroom or kitchen taps or handles on your bathroom and kitchen cupboards, spending that little bit extra (ok, it might be a lot more, it depends where you buy them from!) will make a huge difference.



Get a Metallic Mirror

It’s a subtle way to add the metallic trend into your space, but metal framed mirrors looks so much more expensive and classy than the standard wooden frames. Also, can we take a sec to look at this beeeautiful gold accented chair in the photo below – this is 1000% on my wishlist (and there’s a similar one in the list below if you’re on the hunt too!).



Golden Grout

Definitely a subtle one, but just look how amazing it looks! I would’ve never thought I’d like the look of this, but it reminds me of when the (I think Chinese, please correct me if I’m wrong!) use gold to repair things, making it more valuable and beautiful after it’s been broken. I think it looks great in contrast against the grey tiles – not sure it would work with lighter coloured tiles, but I looove this.



Feeling inspired? Here are some amazing bits I’ve come across to help us all jump on that metallic trend – happy shopping!

2nd October 2017
18th October 2017