5 Things I’ve Learnt Since Graduation

3 years ago today, I graduated from the University of Central Lancashire with a degree in Digital Fashion Design. Now, a lot has happened in the last 3 years, new jobs, new homes, learning to be an adult… That last one is definitely the scariest!

So I thought i’d share 5 things I’ve learnt in these 3 years and how my life has changed since then.

1.No one cares what grade you got. I was absolutely gutted when I got my final grade, it was lower than I wanted and I thought I was a failure. Turns out, no one actually gives a shit unless you’re applying for Graduated Schemes. People might ask, but I don’t think it makes a difference, maybe it’s just in the design industry, but I think it’s just a completely subjective thing and if they like your work, they like your work!

2.The world is very different when you’re not a student. Everyone knows that University is a complete bubble, everyone wanders around half drunk, not really caring about anything and that’s ok, you’re a student and you don’t have any responsibilities. Let’s put aside the lack of student discount for a second (I know, this sucks so much), when you leave uni, you’re expected to find a job, look after yourself properly and start to REALLY become an adult. This is a scary thought, but when you actually start the journey, it’s not that hard.

3. It doesn’t matter if you don’t get a job in your degree subject. I really struggled with this when i moved home after uni. I wanted a job in fashion and i didn’t want to settle. It took a few months for me to realise that I needed a job, any job, so that I could start moving forward with my life. I got a job in retail for a year while I was looking for a ‘proper job’ and I really think it helped me get a job in design. I was more confident, I’d never really had a job where you had to deal with customers and I think it really brought me out of my ‘shell’. So when it came to the interviews, I was better equipped at talking to people I didn’t know and getting my point across in a professional way. It took about 14 months for me to get a job as a Graphic Designer and I couldn’t be happier.

4. Being an adult is quite exciting. Since I left uni and became an ‘adult’, I’ve got a job I really enjoy, bought myself a new car, bought a house all by myself and got a pet. This might not sound super exciting to you, but to me, it really is. The house buying is obviously the most momentous, and I’m proud to tell people I bought a house at the age of 23, with my own savings and a little help from my very generous parents. I’ve always wanted a pet, so as soon as I moved into my house, I went cat shopping… She may be a little shit at 3am every night, but she’s my baby and I love her. I feel like having something, besides myself, to look after has made me grow more and become more of an adult.

5. You’ll always miss those carefree days. My time at uni wasn’t an easy one, I lived with some horrible people that essentially bullied me but when I look back at my time of uni, I don’t think of those people. I think of the amazing people I met, people I’m still in touch with and people who I believe are my life-long friends. We’ve been on holiday, been to festivals and had various ‘reunion’ nights out since. I have so many hilarious memories of incredibly drunk nights out together, memories that I will hopefully never forget. I definitely took for granted being able to go out on a Monday night (this was 100% the best night to go out in Preston – Squires/ New York New York til I die) and not have to worry about being hungover the next day at work.

Do you agree? Or have you got this all to come? I’d love to hear other people’s stories!

8th July 2016