5 Things I’m Watching

1. Once Upon A Time. I’m OBSESSED. I watched 14 episodes last Sunday. I shouldn’t be proud of this, but i kind of am.. It’s so addictive. I want to be a princess.

2. Made In Chelsea. This is now the only reality show i watch religiously, i used to watch them all but have kind of just slowly dropped out of them all apart from good ol’ MIC.

3. Impractical Jokers. This show makes me cry with laughter on a regular basis, the things they do to each other makes me wonder whether they are actually friends!

4. Say Yes To The Dress- Atlanta. I’ve developed an unhealthy obsession with this show. It’s on pretty much all day Saturdays on TLC and i have to put it on.. One of my really good friends just got engaged, so it’s now acceptable, right? For research purposes…

5. Pretty Little Liars. Season 7 started last week and i’m already addicted. It’s been going on for so many years, no one is any the wiser and I’m always left feeling confused when the end titles start running – but I absolutely love i absolutely love it.

28th June 2016
2nd July 2016