Furnishing a house can be hard, there’s so much choice out there, and trying to make a definitive decision when it comes to soft furnishing and lighting is often the hardest part. It’s the bits that add that ‘pop’ to a room, can totally change the feel of a room and can dictate the style of the room – it’s hard to get right – trust me, I’m going through that exact mission right now.

I thought I’d start the year by creating some list style posts (you might have seen my last post – 8 Affordable Dinner Sets) where I’m essentially ‘editing’ the choice down and providing some alternatives for people with a range of tastes – basically, I’m trying to take some of the pressure off when it comes to furnishing your home.

This is a list of 5 Table Lights under £50, even if these aren’t 100% to your taste, the retailers I’ve chosen might offer something more in keeping with the decor you already own or have in mind. I’ve chosen some industrial, coastal and some that are intended to make a statement – hopefully you’ll find something you like, or atleast get some ideas! Whether you need a lamp to go on your shelving, a console table or a desk light, modern lighting has seriously upped it’s game over the last few years, with a lot more affordable options available on the highstreet. There are other places like Iconic Lights that specialise in affordable lighting (I have a few from there) – so if none of these float your boat, definite check them out!

Let me know if this is the kind of blog series you’ll find useful in the comments section below!

The titles for each product are a direct link to the product FYI.

House by John Lewis Terrazzo Bulbholder Table Lamp – £25.00

table lights under £50

House by John Lewis Todd Table Lamp – £35.00

table lights under £50

Brooklyn Table Lamp – £35

table lights under £50

Brompton Table Lamp – £38

table lights under £50

Lipsy Feather Table Lamp – £40

table lights under £50

This post contains affiliate links – I might make a small commission if you choose to buy any of the products I have recommended (you don’t pay any more!)

3rd January 2019
29th January 2019