This post was going to be 5 desks from different retailers, but I went onto the IKEA website and couldn’t narrow it down, so I thought I’d pop them all into one post if you’re on the look out for an affordable, stylish desk. I think probably every single home has something from IKEA in it, and there’s a reason for that, it’s affordable and easy to shop. Of course, the flatpack life isn’t for everyone, but there’s no limit to the self satisfaction and pride you feel when you’ve built up one of their pieces all by yourself! Pretty much my entire house is from IKEA, which means that I do own the first desk in this list, but the third option is definitely my favourite so I think I might have to treat myself when I eventually move house!

IKEA are offering a lot more variety when it comes to their furniture, gone are the days of everything being boxy and white. They’re catering to those people who want to live a more sustainable lifestyle, and hopefully reducing the attitude of the “oh it’s fast fashion so I can throw it away” attitude that used to surround IKEA. They’re also offering a lot more of the trend pieces that we’re seeing across the homeware ranges, more mid-century inspired pieces that you’d see at West Elm but at a way more affordable price-point. And as someone who likes to shop on a budget, I definitely appreciate that! There’s also the fact that IKEA is only a 10 minute drive from work and my house, so it’s so easy for me to pop in after work and see what’s new and add to my ever-growing shopping list. A desk for my new office space in the new house is high on my lists so that I can try to be a bit more productive on an evening.

I’ve included a bit of what I like about each IKEA desk, along with the price and you can shop each one by clicking on the picture.


ikea deskikea deskikea deskikea deskikea desk

11th July 2018



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    3rd July 2018

    Oh my gosh I love ikea so much, but doesn’t everyone? All of these desks are so lovely and affordable, and I especially love the first one – so cheap! Flat pack isn’t for me though haha, I always end up asking my dad 😉 Thanks for sharing x

    FloralsAndCoralsx/Our Blog

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      5th July 2018

      I managed to build the first one up myself with relative ease!