I am CONSTANTLY on the look out for affordable homeware & soft furnishings… there’s just something in my brain that can’t switch off when it comes to fluffy cushions and little trinkets. I’ve had my house nearly two years now (omggg where has the time gone?!), and I think I’ve become pretty good at sourcing affordable pieces to help spruce up my house – if I do say so myself!

So here are my 5 Affordable Ways to Update Your Home:

1. Cushions
Yep, you already know I’m obsessed, but changing your cushions on your sofa/ bed, really does drastically update the whole look of the room. Whether you’re lacking that ‘pop of colour’, or need to add more cosy textures in the space – cushions are the easiest way to do it. You might have seen my newest cushion additions all over my instagram cause I’m obsessed – but they really have transformed my bedroom. I went for these grey fluffy ones, and these beautiful muted pink ones from Matalan. SUPER AFFORDABLE and amazing value for money – winner.

5 Affordable Ways to Update Your Home

2. Art Work
You might have also seen on my instagram that I recently updated my gallery wall, I’d never been 100% happy with it and it was time to do something about it. Enter Desenio… One of the best places to get inspiration for gallery walls, they pair together prints and show you how they would all look together if you’re feeling a little uninspired. Etsy is also an amazing place for prints from more independent artists, you’re helping to fuel someones dream when you buy from them, and that’s always a lovely feeling. I have a few little gallery areas all around my house, and it really helps to bring some personality to what would otherwise be a white space.

5 Affordable Ways to Update Your Home

3. Greenery
This is definitely something I’ve been embracing a lot more recently. I love the way a bit greenery adds such a homely feel to the space. Whether it’s artificial (for all the fellow plant killers out there), or just a bunch of green leaves (Eucalyptus is my current fave), adding some ‘life’ into your room will make such a huge difference. This vase is a new addition to my fireplace and I absolutely love how minimalist it is, showing off the beautiful Eucalyptus I got from a local florist (£3.50 for a giant bunch that will hopefully last a month).

5 Affordable Ways to Update Your Home

4. Candles
This one might be more about the ‘feel’ of your home, rather than the actual look of it, but candles are one of my favourite things in the world. They can instantly relax you, remind you of a certain place or person, or take you to another time within yourself. I love the power of scent, whether it’s a £2 pack of tealights from Tesco or £180 Diptique candle, they essentially have the same effect in your home – relaxation. My favourite scent is Fig, and I’ll buy whatever candle it is, no matter how it looks if it has that beautiful fruity smell.

5 Affordable Ways to Update Your Home

5. Mirrors
This might be an obvious one, but it’s still worth mentioning how much adding a mirror to a space can completely transform it. I love big, bright, open spaces – but obviously not everyone (including myself) can afford to live in one of those – that’s where mirrors come in. The optical illusion they create is crazy, even the tiniest of rooms can almost double in size when a mirror is added in. Obviously they have to be placed correctly to properly bounce the light around, but having at least one mirror in each room will completely transform your home.

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25th August 2017
1st September 2017



  1. Reply


    1st September 2017

    I’m such a sucker for homeware! I just bought a lot of candles and things, but I definitely think I need more artwork and photos and posters etc for the walls to spice them up a bit.

    • Reply


      1st September 2017

      It’s addictive isn’t it? I’m planning on doing a lot more interior style posts, so keep an eye out 🙂 x

  2. Reply

    L △ U R △

    31st August 2017

    I’m terrible for shopping homeware. I’m like a magpie.. it just calls to me.

    Cushions and plants are definitely the best way to add a touch of cozy to any house! and you can never, ever have too many!

    Laura ¦ http://www.laurahasablog.co.uk

    • Reply


      1st September 2017

      I’m the same, I just can’t help it! haha

      Very true, I’m constantly buying more and more! x

  3. Reply


    29th August 2017

    This is exactly the inspo I needed! Lots of online shopping to be done now haha x

    Charlie | http://www.ablogbycharlie.co.uk

    • Reply


      30th August 2017

      ahh glad I could have been at service! haha – good luck! x